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    Hi everyone, I’m trying to Upgrade to get the course certificate, I had to audit all the videos and the remaining part is the final quiz. I tried to perform the payment with Chrome and Firefox, with the PC and with the smartphone, I tried also different cards, like 10 different cards.

    How can I perform the payment?
    Maybe I have something wrong in the configuration o my account? I don’t know.

    Please help me 🙂


    Please take a look at this Help Article and see if the tips can help you solve it.

    If not, then please contact the support team. To do so, just click the Contact Us button at the end of the article and submit a query. Don’t forget to log in when you open the article page.

    Hope this helps 🙂


    Hello @darkrice
    You can pay the Course Certificate fee when you enroll in the course.

    If you are looking at course materials for free using the audit option, you can pay to upgrade to the Certificate option at any time.


    If you pay for a Certificate in a course you’ve already taken, any grades you already earned will be saved, but you may need to complete more coursework that wasn’t available in the audit version.

    To upgrade to a Certificate in a course you’re already enrolled in:

    • Open the home page for the course you want to pay for.
    • At the top of the page, click Upgrade, or scroll down to the “Course Settings” section and click the Purchase button.
    • Make sure you’ve completed your Name or ID Verification.
    • Not all courses offer Certificates. If you can’t find the option to upgrade to a Certificate in a course, it may not be available.


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