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    Thinking Fast and Slow and the 3rd Wave of AI.

    Towards more general trustworthy AI drawing inspiration from Human Capabilities; 10 Questions for the AI Research Community.


    With insights from Luis Lamb, Francesca Rossi, and Daniel Kahneman. And a huge thanks to MONTREAL.AI & Vincent Boucher for organizing this #AIDebate2 providing a lot of valuable information for the AI community!


    This is an introduction thread for faculty and administrators using MetaFans for Campus. If you haven’t done so already, I recommend filling out your profile so others can learn more about you and your school and see links to your institution’s website.

    Please introduce yourself by replying to this post. Get to know the other higher ed faculty and administrators here in the community with you.

    Here are some suggested topics to share in your introduction:

    • Where your institution is located
    • What you are responsible for at your university
    • What is the biggest challenge you are facing as you take learning online?
    • How your institution is adapting as you take learning online
    • Courses you or your students are planning to take

    – MetaFans Community Manager


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